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Holiday Happiness 2009

25 Dec

Baseball Highlights

1 Sep

Capturing some family fun swinging away:

Home Run

24 Aug

This weekend, we got to take the kids to their first Major League Baseball game thanks to my thoughtful boss, Sue, who offered us tickets. It was great!

Nia Lovin' the Game

The kids had a blast – eating way too much tasty stadium food, waving their foam finger and foam tomahawk, watching the fireworks explode after a home run and dancing to the funky beats that would thump the seats during non-play time.

Go Braves!

They are now official baseball lovers. Nate was trying to pitch just like the pros during the game – lifting his one leg in the air and jerking his body forward to throw his strike. (We had to keep telling to be careful not to hurt himself in the limited space he had near his seat.) Nia enjoyed reading the program with her daddy. He would point out each player as they came to bat and tell her how they did the last time they took the plate and what position they played.

Cutie in a Baseball Hat

Since we got home from the game, all Nate wants to do is play ball. When we’re in the house we pretend that we are pitching to him and he swings a foam bat – he will only take off running if we make firework noises and the tomahawk chop because that meant he had a home run.

Tonight, we put pretend aside and had the kids batter up outside. We all took turns pitching, hitting and playing catcher, even as a few sprinkles fell on us. Nate and Nia hit a few “home runs” but it was Daddy who hit it out of the park.

Taking in the Game with Chips

A baseball family has been born!

Happy Game Watchers

The First Week of First Grade

7 Aug
The Night Before
Her new black shoes, supposed to still be in the box, are on her feet as she prances around the house. They sparkle and she loves them. She loves the dress she picked to wear on the first day as well, but I won’t let her hold a dress rehearsal. The dress needs to stay clean.She tells me she wants me to put her hair in sponge curlers like her Lola did. (Something I’ve never done before.) Her Hannah Montana backpack from Honey is packed and waiting to be worn. She’s all set.Meanwhile, I nervously try to wrap the strands of her hair around the pink curlers. The big ones go on top right? Am I using too much hair? Andrew: I don’t think that’s how my mom does it. Nia: It feels like when Lola does it. Me: Nia, I hope you won’t be too sad if you don’t have curls tomorrow.
She's Off!  

The First Day
She wakes up with waves instead of curls. They work just fine and she is happy with them. (Phew.) Her backpack still looks giant on her even though she’s grown. Nate and I walk her to the bus and take what will be our traditional first day of school picture. (You have them too, right?)

She says her first day was fun and that she even talked out loud in class. She said they could only talk when they held the bear. When it was her turn, she told everyone that her name was Antonia (or Nia, she couldn’t remember what name she used and she points this out to everyone she tells the story to), that she liked playing outside and with her Barbies, that she was a 10 for the day (they measured how they were feeling like a thermometer) and that her favorite food was her mommy’s spaghetti. (Awesome!) She told me everyone is nice, even the boy who was mean last year. (Phew, again.)

The First Week
Nia was the “helper” for the week with a boy named Anthony (also ruled nice by Nia). She brought home homework each night – it was already finished by the time I got to see it. Eight spelling words like a, at, cat, the and counting objects and filling in the missing numbers. (“It’s too easy,” she says. I tell her to keep doing her best and that I’m sure it will get harder.) I was supposed to read her a story each night but she read the story to me. (And skipped ahead in the book.) On one homework assignment, she was supposed to put the words in alphabetical order – she did that sure, but then she spelled out other words that began with the other letters (even, first …).

She told me she didn’t like Phys. Ed. – that they made her do jumping jacks and she had to count them like this, 1,2,3,1 – 1,2,3,2 – 1,2,3,3 – and she counted them all out to 10 for me. She then asked, “Momma, what keeps our heart from bouncing around in our bodies?” “What color is our heart?” What does it look like? Where are our lungs? How does our brain stay up in our head?” … I tried to answer as many of them as I could. (I now call her the Constant Questioner because I feel like she just keeps firing them at us all day. One of my favorites, “Who made God?” I didn’t even know where to begin.)

Overall, Nia had a great week. Not only did she start first grade, she also started a yearlong gymnastics class. So far, she loves both. She said she told her school teacher she was a 10 each day because she was happy to be at school. She asked me why she couldn’t have gymnastics every day. All I can hope is that all the weeks go as well as this one did.

Congratulations on your first week of first grade Bean! It’s so much fun sharing in your adventures and your stories (heck, even your questions!).

How Can I Toss a Nia/Nate Original?

15 Jul

In our house, there is a “computer” room.

In that room, there is a computer – but there are also several overflowing boxes.

In those boxes, there are pieces of paper that I treasure very much.

They show off first ABC’s and 123’s, families shaped like hearts, crayon pressed so hard by Nate that you can scratch your name in it, school work documenting little Nia’s Math and Spelling skills, colorful finger paint art and Nia’s illustrated stories.

Nia/Nate Originals

I cherish every creation in those boxes.  Each one is so special and shows how the kids have grown. But now I’m afraid – the collection of Nia/Nate Originals is growing too large. They are only 6 and 3 – I can’t possibly let the collection keep growing – it would eventually take over our house.

But where do I begin? How do I choose one over the other? What if I throw one away that I will wish I had later? It’s just so hard for me to even think about sorting through those boxes and dividing the contents into “keep” and “toss” piles.

In my head, I have issues.

Swing Sets are So Worth It

28 Apr

Ever since we moved from Savannah, we’ve been wanting to get an outdoor play set for the kids.  It was a decision that didn’t come lightly.  Andrew really wanted to make sure he was getting one that would last.  He did online searches, he ordered the catalogs, he researched the wood used to make different ones – this was not a spontaneous purchase.


Some of the sets we saw cost thousands of dollars (quite a few cost more than both of our cars!).  Of course, we weren’t going to get one of those, but we wanted what those offered – installation and a good warranty.  In the end, we found one we all liked –

It’s the baby of all the Rainbow play systems and it’s perfect for us!  It has all the features the kids love and the peace of mind and quality that Andrew loves (it’s also made in the USA and plants 5 trees for every one they use).  I’m just happy the kids finally have a fun outdoor place to escape to and enjoy.  I love that Nia and Nate can just walk outside whenever they want now and swing their little hearts out!  Mom and Dad can even get in on the fun – it’s built to hold the “big kids” too!

Bouncy Birthday

28 Apr
Nia’s 6th birthday bash was a blast!  As usual, all of my pre-party stressing was for nothing.  Everything turned out just fine – there was plenty of favors and food for everyone, the only tears shed were from a little boy whose mom didn’t let him get a temporary tattoo, only one “I’m Nia’s best friend” argument was overheard (thanks Paul! Also, Nia handled it super, saying “You can have more than one best friend.”) and the princess of the party seemed pleased throughout!
Out of all the moonwalk businesses out there, I’m so glad I picked our town’s jumpy place.  Our group had the entire space to ourselves and the owner and worker were so accommodating and nice, they really helped us create great memories.

I’m just so glad Nia enjoyed herself.  I’m finding it’s getting harder to keep coming up with different, fun ways to celebrate the kids’ birthdays.  After this party, it seems like we can’t go wrong with jumpy places!

Love you Sweets!

Birthday Bliss

Takin’ in the Train Expo

7 Apr

Capturing the Crazy and the Cute

2 Apr

Delicious Mess

18 Mar

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